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Registration Criteria

MCD eTendering Portal

Registration of Contractors 

Registration of Contractors: Contractors have to register on the MCD eTendering portal to participate in any tender on the MCD eTendering portal. The following section outlines the procedure for ‘Contractor Registration’.

1.      Ensure that the computer being used to register is configured to access portal. Follow the procedures outlined in section ‘Configuring your PC for eTendering’ to carry out the required configurations.

2.      Load the homepage of the portal by accessing the following Uniform Resource Locater (URL) / Website Address:


3.      Click the link ‘Register’ under the header ‘Login’ to initiate the registration process. On clicking the link ‘Register’ on the homepage a new window titled – ‘Enter Registration Details’ pops-up.

            Note: Clicking the link ‘Registration Info’ on the homepage of the portal will provide you with the following information:

               1.      Registration Criteria / Eligibility

2.      Registration Fees

3.      Registration Process

4.      Enter valid information corresponding to the following in the spaces provided and click the button ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page:

a.       User Id

b.      Name of Applicant

c.       Password

d.      Confirm Password

e.       Company Name

Note: Certain information (viz., User Id, etc.,) that you provide / select has to be unique. If this is not so then the system will display the following message in red colour:

  Userid already exists. Please select another Userid’

You will then have to enter / select a new User Id and click the button ‘Save’ again to continue.

The password is used to validate your login credential. Please make note of it for future reference and maintain confidentiality. Your login on the eTendering portal can be operated by anybody in possession of the password. Therefore, it is an advisable practice to change your password at regular intervals.

5.      The page refreshes and displays the unique ‘Company Id’ allotted to you.

            Note: You may note this down or print the page for future reference. The ‘Company Id’ is the identifier of your registration and you may have to quote it while referring to you registration on the eTendering portal.

6.      Click the button ‘Login’ at the bottom of the page to login to the eTendering portal. (You will have to login before entering any additional registration information.)

7.      Enter the ‘User Id’ entered / selected at the start of the registration process, select the ‘Password Login’ option and click on the button ‘Proceed’ at the bottom of the screen.

8.      Enter the password entered / selected at the start of the registration process and click the button ‘Proceed’ at the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted to enter the password a second time. This is a security measure. Enter the password and click the button ‘Login’ again.

            Note: You may abort the registration process by clicking the button ‘Cancel’ at the bottom of the screen.

9.      The page ‘Registration Status’ loads and displays the following information:

a.       Registration No

b.      Company Name

c.       Registration Type

d.      Registration Status

Click the button ‘Complete Registration’ to load the page – ‘Transaction Main Page’.

            Note: Clicking the button ‘View Registration Info’ will display all the information that is entered. The details will be empty when accessed at this stage of registration; however, you may click the button to view the information you will be prompted to enter while completing the registration process.

10.  The task ‘Registration Form’ loads. It has the following enclosed actions presented in the ‘Actions’ dropdown menu both of which have to be fulfilled:

a.       Fill up Form

b.      Registration Template

Note: You may choose to fulfil the two enclosed action in any sequence; however, it is essential that both the actions be fulfilled.

Task: Registration Form

11.  Select the action ‘Fill up Form’ in the action menu and click the button ‘Go’ to load the registration details entry form.

12.  Fill up the following information by entering valid information and selecting most appropriate options:

a.       Short Name

b.      Fathers Name

c.       Incorp Type*

d.      Registration Category*

e.       Address1

f.        Address2

g.       City

h.       State

i.         Country

j.        Zip Code

k.      Currency*

l.         Contact

m.     Phone1

n.       Phone2

o.      Mobile No

p.      Email address*

q.      Website address

r.        Fax1

s.       PAN No*

t.        Previous Registration Reference (if any)

u.       Remarks

Note: In some cases you will be presented options you will have to select from where you may select the option that best describes your organisation. In other case you may enter information of your choice.

Entry of certain information is mandatory and the form will not be accepted until those information is not entered / selected. These can be identified by the adjoining ‘*’ Asterisk mark.

The Registration Fee is computed based on Document Fee Pay Formulae, which in turn may be based on ‘Incorporation Type’ and ‘Registration Category’. Therefore is advised that appropriate values are selected for these while entering data into the registration form.

13.  Click the button ‘Save’ to at the bottom of the page to save the entered information. The system will display the following massage in red colour:

‘Update form Successful.’

14.  Select the action ‘Registration Templates’ in the action menu and click the button ‘Go’ to list the templates that has to be filled as part of the registration process. The screen refreshes and displays the list of templates that may be edited by entering information / uploading supporting documents.

15.  Click the red coloured ‘Tick’ mark along side a template to load it.

16.  Enter the information / upload the document that is requested and click the button save at the bottom of the template.

            Note: Entry of information / upload of supporting documents for certain entities is mandatory. The template will not be accepted until those are fulfilled. These can be identified by the adjoining ‘*’ Asterisk mark.

Refer to the section – ‘Handling Templates & Entities’ for details on how to enter information into templates.

17.  Repeat steps 15 through 16 for each of the templates.

18.  Ensure that both the enclosed Physical Actions are fulfilled and click the button ‘Done’ at the top of the page to complete the task ‘Registration Form’.

Task: Make Payment

19.  The task ‘Make Payment’ loads automatically. This task has only 1 enclosed action ‘Payment Options’

20.  Click the button ‘Go’ to display the ‘Payment Entry / Edit’ page. The page displays the Document / Bid Processing Fee amount and provides an option to select the mode of payment.

21.  Select an appropriate mode of payment and click the button ’Make Payment’. The page ‘Payment Details Entry’ is displayed.

22.  Enter the details of the payment and click the button ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

23.  Click the button ‘Validate Payment’ to verify that the required amount has been paid. If so the following message is displayed in red colour:

‘Required Payment is Complete!’

24.  Click the button ‘Print Payment Receipt’ to generate a printer-friendly version of the payment details page. Click the button ‘Print’ at the bottom of the page to print the payment receipt.

25.  Click the button ‘Save’ to save the details of the registration fee payment. This also sets the validity of the registration to 1 year. The following message will be displayed in red colour:

‘Record Saved Successfully!’

26.  Click the button ‘Done’ to complete the task ‘Make Payment’.

Redo the Registration Process / Payment Entry

Select the option ‘Redo’ in the Choose and Execute’ menu and click the button ‘Done’ to go back in the ‘Registration Process’. You will be allowed to choose the re-entry point in the ‘Contractor Registration’ workflow (where each option corresponds to a task). Select the appropriate task and click the button ‘Do’ to load that task.

Submit for Approval

Select the option ‘Submit’ in the Choose and Execute’ menu and click the button ‘Done’ to exit the ‘Registration Process’. The ‘Registration Status’ page loads.

            Note: The Registration Status’ page provides options to view the registration details and also displays the approval status of the registration. Once the registration is approved the contractor is taken directly to the ‘Tender Search Criteria’ page.

            Approved contractors can also proceed to empanelment. This is covered in the Empanelment Process section.

  Configuring your PC for eTendering

Ø      Ascertaining the version of Windows OS and Internet Explorer

Ø      Selecting and downloading the appropriate Client-side Components Installable

Ø      Configuring Internet Explorer

To access the MCD online tendering portal its prerequisite that the user’s computer is running the Windows Operating System (version 98 or newer) with MS-Internet Explorer version: 6.0 web browser with cipher strength of 128 bits installed on the computer. It is essential that the computer has internet-connectivity, as the ‘Tendering Portal’ is entirely web-based and hosted on the Internet

The ‘Homepage’ of the ‘Tendering Portal’ has to be fully loaded in the web-browser. The ‘Homepage’ is the first page encountered when user types the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the ‘Tendering Portal’. The ‘URL’ of ‘Municipal Corporation of Delhi‘ Tendering Portal’ is ‘’. All references to the various processes that can be administered on the ‘Tendering Portal’ will use this page as the reference point for all navigations.

To access the ‘MCD Tendering Portal’ in the web-browser you will have to add the portal to the web-browser’s list of ‘Trusted Sites’. Follow the steps mentioned below to add the site to the list of ‘Trusted Sites’:

  1. Launch MS-Internet Explorer web-browser. (Double-click the application icon either on the ‘Windows’ desktop or in the ‘Windows Explorer’ window.)
  2. Open the ‘Internet Options’ dialogue-box by selecting the ‘Internet Options’ from the Tools’ menu in the ‘Menu bar’.
  3. Highlight the ‘Security’ tab by clicking on it.
  4. Highlight the ‘’Trusted Sites’ icon.
  5. Click the ‘Sites’ button to load the list of secure sites.
  6. Type in the ‘URL’ of ‘MCD Tendering Portal’ (i.e., ‘http://’) and click the ‘Add’ button.

  1. Ensure that the ‘Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone’ option is unchecked.
  2. Click the ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the ‘Trusted Sites’ dialogue box to dismiss it.
  3. Click the ‘OK’ button at the bottom of the ‘Internet Options’ dialogue box to dismiss it.
  4. Go back to the home page
  5. Click on download client side installable components list
  6. Download and save the appropriate version for your operating system
  7. Install the saved file

  Accessing the ‘Homepage’

To load the ‘Homepage’ of the ‘MCD Tendering Portal’ follow the following steps:

  1. Launch the web-browser. (Double-click the application icon either on the ‘Windows’ desktop or in the ‘Windows Explorer’ window.)

Enter the ‘URL’ of the ‘Tendering Portal’ ( in the ‘Address’ bar and click the ‘Go’ button. The ‘Homepage’ of the ‘Tendering Portal’ loads in the browser window.

Checking the Internet Explorer Version and Cipher Strength:

     1.    Open a new internet explorer browser

     2.    Click on Help.

     3.    Select  the option ‘About Internet Explorer’

     4.    A new window opens in which the internet explorer version and cipher strength can be checked.